Hey! My name is Thomas! I’m currently 24 years old and I make music :)

Q: How do u describe u r music and what are ur ideas/ Inputs when u start on a project.

Most of my inspirations come from visual input. Nature, Movies, or video games usually spark something that I will elaborate on in my DAW.

Q: Who is your fav artist and who would you like to collaborate to work with for signing labels.

Favorite artists are hard to pick haha, I’ve been digging “How to disappear completely” lately, super interesting sounds! Not sure what Label to name here… hmm...

Q: Have you been to any festivals? Which one is your favorite.

Of course! Ever since I was 16 years old haha (yes that was possible with some festivals in Germany, eg. Nature One). My Favorite festival so far has to be the “We are Lost Festival” in Thuishaven Amsterdam. I’d love to check out the Fusion Festival, but I didn’t get lucky with tickets yet.

Q: What are your music influences?

The actual roots of my musical education come from metal. I grew up playing the electric guitar, but I’m not sure how much of that influence is left in my music nowadays.

Q: What is your dream gear when playing for a huge crowd?

Usually, I work with what’s available haha. CDJ’s + A&H mixer will do. But to be honest, at the moment I’m working on a brand new live setup! Definitely keep an eye out for that, I’ll do some wicked programming to incorporate more live elements and synths into that setup!

Q: What is your favorite drink/ food?

I’ll have some Hand filtered coffee and eel on rice (Unadon)

Q: What is your view on the Pandemic situation about the Music industry around the world?

It’s a weird situation for all Industries at the moment, I really hope that it will not be too harsh on everyone and that everyone can stay safe and afloat. Maybe it will spark some new ideas or concepts once it is over… never lose hope.

Interviewed by EVENTREE , July 14, 2020




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